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Megan Mackh
Google. Inc. 1600
Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View. CA 94043
May 30. 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Devindar Singh has worked with me over the past 17 months as a dedicated driver. In that time, he has been responsible for all army transportation within Delhi and the National Capitol Region. In addition, Mr. Singh has driven me on numerous personal trips. traveling to Rishikesh, Agra. Jaipur, Ranthambore, Shimla. and Gwalior. to name a few.

Mr. Singh has proven himself to be an outstanding driver and an indispensible resource in term, of his knowledge of Delhi and the surrounding areas. He is extremely reliable. always arriving promptly at or before his reporting time, keeps the car in excellent condition. and maintain, a calm and professional demeanor at all titans. Mr. Singh is a cautious and efficient driver, ensuring that I get to each destination quickly and with the MMont regard for safety. I have entrusted Mr. Singh with my family. friends and goesia on many occasions, and he has always done an excellent job.

While Mr. Singh is an outstanding driver, what sets him apart are his proactive approach and exceptional communication skills. He demonstrates extraordinarily sound judgment and goes above and beyond 10 ensure my personal safety, assist with directions and navigation. and make sure that 1 both understand and am understood by die people that 140 business with. Mr. Singh's English skills are suong, and he takes care to clarify and validate instructions, thereby ensuring a positive outcome. I also greatly appreciate the degree to which Mr. Singh will take initiative, even oun5ide of his core responsibilities as a driver. For example, each time we took driving trips out of station, Mr. Singh would research the route and several alternatives so that we would arrive safely and comfortably at our final destination. while minimizing the duration of the journey. He also never dropped me off without validating that we were in the right location. and it was safe Inc recta continue on my own. On numerous occa.sions. when I had difficulty finding supplies or needed information, Mr. Singh would either procure the iten5 Inc me, or inquire as to where I might purchase it myself and provide me with the information. He has been an invaluable resource to me and has greatly facilitated my ability to live and work for an extended period in India.

I cannot recommend Mr. Singh any more highly as an employee. l am confident that his commitment to service and outstanding quality, his strong judgment and exceptional initiative will Serve him well in whatever capacity he chooses to pursue. Should you need additional references, please feel free to contact me at

Megan Mackh
Manager, Online Sales and Operations
Google India, Private Limited

To Whom It May Concern,
April 2, 2009
This letter is in reference to Mr. Manbir Singh, who has been my dedicated driver for the past one year (since April 2008). My name is Austin Lau and I am currently working on assignment at Google India Pvt. Ltd. in Guragon, Haryana as a Strategic Lead in the Google Ad Words organization. Previously, I was working with Google in San Francisco, California, USA.

I am writing this letter because Mr. Singh has proven himself exceptional when compared to other drivers and those with similar backgrounds. He stands out because he is a very honest and flexible person, who has proven time and time again that he can think on his feet in difficult situations. Having spent many, many hours with him in the NCR unwell as on long road trips to places like Nainital and Chandigarh, Mr. Singh has always been very dependable and easygoing. I have always felt extremely safe with him, as he is a responsible driver with a great deal of driving experience.

His ability to communicate with people (including myself) is remarkable. He takes his work very seriously and is able to communicate with ease in both English and Hindi. He is also very flexible and able to adapt to quick changes, whether they be changes in timing, closed freeways, or navigating unknown places late at night. He is very knowledgeable about the entire NCR region and has a great deal of "street smarts". In addition to this, Mr. Singh has always looked out for my personal safety even when I was outside the car, always willing to help out.

I highly recommend Mr. Manbir Singh as a driver, or any other job which would require him intake on significant responsbilities, communicate well with people, and be extremely reliable and hard working. Having worked with Mr. Singh for the past one year, I ant very confident in his abilities.

If you have any questions or would require additional information, please contact me directly at +1 660-253-7723 (work) or +1 303-800-2718 (mobile).

Austin Lau
Google, Inc
1600 Amphitheater Parkway
Maountain View, California 94043

July 22. 20119
To, Whore It May Concern:
I highly recommend Mr. Sanjay Sehgal of Golden Ikon. Mr. Sehgal served as my driver for the past four days during lily visit to Gurgaon.

Mr. Sehgal was a fantastic driver. First and foremost, he was a very safe and calm driver. I always felt at ease when riding with him, although the traffic in Gurgaon could be quite crazy. He also knew his way around the city quite well.

Mr. Sehgal was also very kind and patient with me. He was always very willing to pick me up early in the morning, or drive me late at night. I really appreciated that he was so accommodating, and he was always right on lime!

Again, I would highly recommend Mr. Sehgal's services to anyone traveling in the area. The next time I return to Gurgaon, I hope Mat get Mr. Sehgal as my driver.

Kind regards.
Katie Kozuki
Google, Inc
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043
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