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For the first time in India , we at Golden Trinetra bring you the joy ride on the rare collections of Vintage car in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Operations Period: October to March

Vehicle choice: Subject to availability at the time of making the reservations Venue : President House/ India Gate

Delhi is a combination of eight cities that have been established here from as early as 900 BC to 1930. It is above all an historic city and an elegant capital.

Vintage Delhi with its ancient flavours is a colourful collage of the pageant of Indian history. Dynasties succeeded dynasties and the royal rule continued. Succeeding emperors built massive forts and palaces. And then the great monarch of the 17th century, Shah Jehan moved his capital from Agra to Delhi. He commissioned for his new capital the city of Shahjehanabad, a city so splendid that it still ignites fierce passion in the hearts of the true aesthete. It was then that the Red Fort came into being, and with it Chandi Chowk with its magic streets and fountains. And the Jama Masjid, most majestic of mosques. Aurangazeb built the Pearl Mosque within the fort.

The awed British added yet another city - New Delhi, the present seat of administration. Edwin Lutyen’s dream, this Indo-Saracenic city was a perfect blend of eastern extravagance and western constraint.

The Raj tour is a truly breath-taking ride down Delhi’s more recent history. Starting from the spectacular view of the Presidential Palace and India Gate encircled by spotless clean, tree-lined wide roads – the Raj Tour is a very stimulating and comprehensive catalogue of the lives of people who make this great capital today.

Duration: 01 hour.

Vintage car is a car built between the start of 1919 and the end of 1930 known as the 'Vintage era'. There is little debate about the start date of the vintage period—the end of World War I is a nicely defined marker there—but the end date is a matter of a little more debate. The British definition is strict about 1930 being the cut-off, and is widely accepted while some American sources prefer 1925 since it is the pre-classic car period as defined by the Classic Car Club of America. Others see the classic period as overlapping the vintage period, especially since the vintage designation covers all vehicles produced in the period while the official classic definition does not, only including high-end vehicles of the period. Some consider the start of World War II to be the end date of the vintage period.

Details of the vehicle available for the Vintage ride.

Buick Spl Limo 1940 -
The vehicle was Pre owned by Maharaja of Bundi in Rajasthan and in the world there were on 235 Pieces made. This is a 8 Cylinder car More spl only 235 pieces were made in the world

Ford Spl V 8 1935 Tourer

The vehicle was formerly owned by the Maharaja of Mysore. There were only 02 Vehicles This is a 8 Cylinder vehicle

Dodge 1929

The vehicle was Formerly Pre owned by the Maharaja of Sundergarh – Orissa. This is a 6 Cylinder vehicle

Coming soon:

Lincon 1946 ( Grade A)
Packard 1929 Limo ( Grade A)
Rolls royce 1927 PH 1 ( Grade A +)
Minerva 1928 Grade A +
Buick 1918 (Grade A)
Bentley 1949 (Grade A +)

Safety Issues:
Antique automobiles and early to middle era classic cars do not have the safety features that are standard on modern cars. The most rudimentary of safety features, front wheel brakes and hydraulic, began appearing on cars in the 1920s and 1930s respectively. The seat belt, appeared in the sixties and became mandated by federal seat belt legislation in the United States in 1968. However, the merits of adding seat belts to vintage cars is debatable; Chuck Conrad, president of the Des Plaines, Illinois chapter of the Classic Car Club of America stated, "Bolting yourself down to a 70-year-old piece of wood isn't really going to stop anything.". Newer mandated safety features, generally apply to production of vehicles after the laws take effect so vehicles built before any new laws are grandfathered, particularly in the United States.

Vintage Car ride in Gurgaon with a Special Dinner at Vintage Car & Heritage collection restaurant – 21 Gun Salute

The name 21 Gun Salute is derived from a formal hierarchical system of imperial salute. The concept 21 Gun Salute is based on prosperity & dignity in the eyes of monarch. This was the highest level of honor to 5 Princely states. The restaurant is named with the vision to deliver high quality products & royal services under aristocratic ambience. We are committed to offer highest level of royal honour to our every customer.

Enjoy the Vintage car Ride in and around the restaurant and later on transfer to the 21 Gun Salute restaurant for the life time experience. The restaurant has the rarest collection of the Royal Heritage Liqueur which was specially being made for the Royal Family and even today for getting this Royal Heritage Liqueur the Royalty has to be paid to the Royal Families.

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